Panther Investigations is dedicated to discovering truth. We are experienced, committed professional investigators who believe in safeguarding the legal rights of our clients. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients and will never violate our ethics, values or integrity. We stand behind each and every investigation and are devoted to excellence as our standard.     We provide an interactive approach by communicating with our clients and proffering honest, respectful, discreet and complete investigations. We honor each client with confidentiality and strive to be sensitive to their individual financial and case driven needs.

  Panther PI was officially granted a Utah agency in 2012. A solid partnership of trusted colleagues working together with combined knowledge and experience to bring the brightest minds and talents under one roof.  Our combined federal and local resource base gives our clients the best chance for a positive outcome. Our networking and relationships built over years of public service gives us a unique advantage. We know the right people in the right places to get things done efficiently and cost effectively. We have extensive experience in background checks and getting the justice you seek.

Experienced Professionals



 Are you a local bar/restaurant owner wondering why your registers are always short or why there is alcohol missing? Our PSI. Undercover specialists are highly trained professional investigators whom specialize in undercover investigations.



Panther Investigations is a  licensed firm within the state of Utah. 



Successful civil trials can hinge on ensuring you have accurate documentation. In addition to surveillance video footage, our investigators will conduct criminal and personal background checks to get the evidence you need to win your case.

Management Team

Brett Magleby


Brett is an experienced private investigator, supervisor and well as successful small business owner.  Brett received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public administration from the University of Utah.  Brett joined Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office in 1990 and later joined the Unified Police Department. In over 24 years of public service, Brett held numerous prestigious positions with his tenure as a Law enforcement officer specializing in units dealing with high profile criminal investigations involving gangs and serious youth offenders.  Brett was the founding member of the Salt Lake County Gang Suppression Unit and developed implemented tracking and identification policy and procedures. Brett served as the state wide consultant for the implementation of the Serious Habitual Offenders Comprehensive Action Program (SHOCAP). Brett participated in the establishment of the SHOCAP program on a local and national level. In addition, Brett worked in crime analysis and community outreach programs. Brett also worked as an Internal affairs (IA) investigator for his department for over 5 years.

Greg Rogers


Greg has a Bachelor of Political Science and a Juris Doctor from the University of Utah. Learn all you need to know about firearm safety and handling from our highly experienced instructors. Greg’s Bureau career spanned multiple FBI field offices and specialties, such as the Chief Division Counsel, legal advisor for the office, Indian Country affairs, undercover operations, SWAT operator, asset forfeiture, and instructor to Federal, State, and Local agencies. Greg represented the FBI in the Timothy McVeigh federal death penalty case in the wrongful death case Trenta due v. the United States and represented the FBI’s interests in the trial and sentencing phases of the Joseph Duncan federal death penalty case.


Brent Jex


Brent is the recipient of several awards and commendations, such as the ATF Award for Firearms Investigations, United States Attorney’s Office Citation of Commendation for a Federal RICO case, multiple Unit Citations for cooperative investigative efforts during several high profile cases and the Utah Public Service Award.  Award. Brent spent much of his early investigative career working with Brett and Juan, learning from their vast experience. Background checks are in his nature as he has years of experience within the corporate and private sector.

Beau Babka


 We are forming one of the most prestigious protection agencies in the world.  Praesidium will be a leader in High Wealth, Celebrity, Corporate & Political Protection. By hiring quality personnel, training them beyond the benchmarks of our industry and having them adapt to their clientele needs, we will define the "Praesidium Protector." 

The Panther Team

Don Campbell

Don Campbell is a 40 year law enforcement professional with vast experiences in many investigative areas.  Don's previous assignments include  Vice, Narcotics, Property Crimes (Auto theft, Burglary, Fraud, Larceny), Major Crimes/Homeland

Security, Homicide (examples: Hoffman and Unabomber bombings/homicides, Serial Women homicides

task force, Joseph Paul Franklin homicides task force), Metro Major Felony (Sting operations),

Intelligence, Joint Criminal apprehension team (JCAT), Major accident Investigation.  

Tactical assignments. SWAT (team leader/tactical sergeant), Hostage Negotiations (team leader), K9/police service dog (twice

supervisor). Solo motorcycle.  

Examples of Specialized training.

Fort Dodge/electronics surveillance, National Fire Academy, Maryland - arson investigation, Metro Las

Vegas/Sting Operations. New York - Hostage Negotiations, Rhineland/Westfalia Germany -

K9/Diensthundfuhrer detector and  patrol dogs.

Brent Robbins

 Brent Robbins was an FBI Special Agent Accountant and Special Agent Supervisor in Los Angeles, CA from 1976 to 2004, and Salt Lake City from 2004 to 2005. During this time, he was assigned to work numerous investigations where he developed an expertise in investigating drug money laundering and multi-million dollar white collar crimes which were successfully prosecuted. Many of these cases also involved criminal and civil asset forfeiture which required forensic accounting.   During 2007, following his retirement from the FBI, ASIS International certified Mr. Robbins as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), which includes expertise in the areas of principles of management accounting, control and audits, and best business practices, which is invaluable in conducting fraud investigations. 

Between 2006 and 2008 Mr. Robbins was employed as the Vice President/Corporate Investigations Manager for Zions Bancorporation, a bank holding company with more than $50 billion in assets. As the chief investigator, he oversaw all internal and external criminal investigative matters and maintained liaison with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. During 2008, after two and one half years with Zions Bancorp, he accepted an independent contractor position with Professional Risk Management Services to conduct financial/asset investigations for the DEA in Salt Lake City. Eight months later, Mr. Robbins accepted a contractor position with the FBI. His duties included conducting complex analyses of financial records, scheduling bank statements and tracing illgotten gains to assets which were forfeitable to the U.S. Government. 

Kelly Shafto

 Kelly Shafto joined Panther Investigations after a 20-year career in Law  Enforcement. Kelly has held several investigative positions including narcotics,  burglary, theft, and financial crimes.  Mrs. Shafto has investigated large scale  embezzlements, drug trafficking operations and cybercrime organizations.  Kelly  has also conducted both state and federal investigation including wire taps,  surveillance both physical and digital. Kelly was also a member of the Identity Theft Task Force where she was cross-designated as a United States Marshall.   Kelly has certifications in National Computer Forensics Institute, Third Degree  Communication Interview and interrogations, Financial Industry Regulatory  Authority and the Department of Commerce.  Kelly was also an instructor with  the Unified Police Department for police officer’s instruction for Hazmat, narcotics along with fraud and forgery.  Kelly also enacted a law with the 2018 Utah  Legislation the identity theft laboratory.  Kelly was also a field training officer with  both the Unified Police Department and the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.   

Kelly is a recipient of several awards and commendations, such as Office of year  twice, The Chief’s award, Unit of the year, The Sheriff’s Star and Utah Narcotics  Officer of the year. Kelly is forensics examiner for Cellebrite system.  She is certified as Cellebrite  Certified Physical Analyst for the UFED touch 2 system.  Kelly Shafto has  conducted examinations and extractions for cellular phones, mass storage, SD  cards and drones.

Isaac Atencio

Isaac Atencio is a retired 30 year Law enforcement professional.  Issac is the current President of the Utah Gang Investigators Association.     Isaac had oversight  of the Investigations Bureau to include the following; Homicide - (D/A OIS Protocol Team), Special Victims Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Robbery Unit, Financial Crimes Unit, Retail Theft Unit, Property Crimes Unit, Pawn Detail, Auto Theft Unit, Metro Gang Task Force, School Resource Officer Program, Major Accident Unit (CAR VPA team), Crime Lab Facility and Evidence.
Board member for Family Justice Center, Children's Justice Center, Salt Lake Area Gang Project and Governors DMC Committee (Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee).   

Oversight of the Special Operation Functions of the Salt Lake City Police Department. S.W.A.T Commander, Gang Unit Commander, Solo Motor Squad, S.C.I.D. (Serious Collision Investigation Detail), Hit and Run, K-9 Unit, Public Order Unit Commander and School Resource Officer Program.

Peggy Faulkner

Forensic Interviewing: Provider of child forensic interviews in child abuse/witness cases while employed by the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the Unified Police Department. Worked with other investigative professionals, child advocacy centers and district attorneys to conduct interviews with victims of child abuse or witnesses of traumatic events. Strictly followed nationally recognized forensic guidelines, and conducted interviews that were neutral, non-leading and age-appropriate. Interviews and testimony have withstood court scrutiny and demonstrated superior understanding in challenging and complex case prosecution.

Work Experience: Employed as a Law Enforcement Officer for 25 years. Held a variety of positions during this time to include Patrol Officer, DARE Officer, Public Information Officer, and ten-year experience as Detective in the Special Victims Unit and School Resource Officer. As Special Victims Unit and School Resource Officer interviewed hundreds of children using the Children’s Justice Center Forensic Interview Guidelines. While in this job was asked by other specialty units within my agency as well as other agencies, such as the FBI (Federal Bureau Investigation) and out of state police agencies to interview children who had witnessed homicides and other traumatic events. In these jobs I also interviewed suspects, wrote and served search warrants and in many cases have followed through to completion, which was prosecution and many times testifying in court.

Roman Garcia

 Former FBI agent who led counter-terrorism investigations in Los Angeles/Orange County, CA (2014-2016), and Salt Lake City, Utah (2017-2019). Maintained top-secret security clearance (SCI level) to access and handle classified material. Provided key training and presentations to outside agencies on preventing and mitigating the terrorist activity. FBI Award for outstanding service, Counterterrorism Division, October 2018. Unity in the Community (nonprofit organization) commendation for outstanding service to refugees, April 2019. Responded to ricin threat to the US President and individuals at the Pentagon, 2018. Disrupted terrorist operations in Utah and oversaw arrest and deportation of the organizer to his country of origin. Initiated investigations of possible terrorist threats utilizing investigative techniques including FISA, to evaluate and mitigate threats to national security. Conducted physical surveillance, utilized electronic monitoring technology to monitor criminal activity Utilized interview and interrogation techniques, and statement analysis to gather intelligence. 

Dr. Rob Throup


Dr. Rob Thorup is best described as an entrepreneur who happens to be a practicing Dentist. He is a native of Utah. Born in Salt Lake City, Dr. Rob attended Brigham Young University where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1986. While attending BYU he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for Valley Ambulance, and was one of the pioneers of the Timpanogos Mountain Rescue Team.

After graduating from BYU, he was accepted to the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry where he graduated with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery in 1989.

Shortly after returning home from dental school, Dr. Rob found himself in public service as an EMT-Intermediate for the Alpine-Highland-American Fork Emergency Medical Services while maintaining a successful dental practice.

Dr. Rob has lectured nationally and internationally for various dental companies including Dentrix, D4D, and ADABEI, and has published articles in the field of digital radiography, practice management software, and advanced case presentation with technology. He is co-developer of the products known as Guru Connect, Dental Automated Treatment Messaging, My Dental Docs, and My Dental Stats.

In 2009 Dr. Rob became a partner in a major private investigative firm, where he focused on medical malpractice investigations, saving insurance companies and doctors hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent claims.

Other accomplishments include: Private/corporate pilot, Utah Bail Enforcement Agent, Private Investigator, NRA Instructor, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid and Remote Wilderness First Aid Instructor, and founder of the Ranger Trek Program at Hinckley Scout Ranch.

Dr. Rob specializes in fraud and embezzlement investigations in dental and medical practices, and has been a licensed Utah Private Investigator since 2009.

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